Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tips To Avoid Malware And Viruses

Contributed to, in part, by MS A+ Certified Technician Kendall Sinn

In addition to providing computer maintenance to many local businesses, our Microsoft A+ certified computer tech, Kendall, provides first class personal computer maintenance as well as PC cleaning services.  Often times, Kendall is asked, "How exactly did my computer get infected?  I have an anti-virus program, doesn't it work?"  The answer is often times fairly simple and problems easy to avoid. 

A large percentage of computer malware and/or viruses are packaged with otherwise safe or trusted programs.  This can even be the case when downloading programs from well known download sites.  Kendall recommends that you always pay attention to the auto-installers that are common when downloading and installing software.  Look for check boxes that may be pre-checked so that by default you are giving permission to install other programs and software that you had no intention of downloading.  It's also a good idea to perform a custom or advanced install because oftentimes the download provider has "other" software bundled in and you'd never know until you start seeing strange new icons or your computer begins to behave differently.  By going through the custom or advanced installation, you can weed out the unwanted programs, if they're there.

Another trap, that Kendall says can be easy to avoid is offers through email.  Often times referred to as spam but when done well by the perpetrator is well disguised as a legitimate offer.  Watch out for misspelled names, zeros being used in place of the letter "o", extra letters in a name, any offer that says your computer is infected follow this link to clean it, etc.  In general, avoid opening unsolicited emails.

Lastly, it's always a good idea to back up your important files.  If worst comes to worst and your computer does get a virus, if you don't have your files backed up, they could be lost...forever.  For a simple solution to back up your files, check out KCTC's service to do just that.  

We hope that by following these simple tips you can avoid having computer problems in the future but if you do find your computer is running slow or you're always having to fight unwanted pop-ups give Kendall a call at (319) 656-8324.