Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What is "Placeshifting"?

If to DVR something is considered "timeshifting", the act of watching a TV event via a digital recording.  Then being able to watch a broadcast from anywhere, at anytime, on virtually any device could be considered "placeshifting".  

Thanks to Slingbox that's now a reality.
"Placeshifting is viewing and listening to live, recorded or stored media on a remote device over the Internet or a data network. Placeshifting allows consumers to watch their TV anywhere.
Placeshifted content can be enjoyed in the home or away from home. Most consumers do both—placeshifting in and around their home where they do not have a TV; and away from their home—at their desk at work, at a café or in their hotel room halfway around the world."
Stop by Kalona RadioShack today and ask an associate for details.