Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kalona RadioShack & iTech Easter Egg Hunt

From now until Easter, hunt Easter Eggs at our store.

That's right, at Kalona RadioShack and iTech, we have hidden Easter Eggs throughout the store.  So if you see an egg while you're shopping with us, open it up and you'll find a coupon, worth up to $10 off, inside that you can apply towards any purchase at our store.

Whether you're shopping for a new phone, a new computer, or accessories or just about anything we have in the store, we'll apply one coupon towards your purchase, per visit.  Just find an egg and make a purchase, it's really that simple and FUN!  You can also use your new found riches towards any Kalona RadioShack weather "Ready Check" items as you prepare for our traditional spring weather events.


The Easter Bunny